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Posts with #trim-split video category

How to split videos on Windows and Mac

"Hi, I am a musician and have some AVI videos and I want to split it up into five parts to put on YoutubeWhats the best software to do this quickly. Can't find one thats quick and easy. Many thanks for any help" ----- CNET It is not so hard to find a...

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How to trim MP4 videos on Mac

"I'm converting my stuff for my Apple TV 1G using Handbrake on Apple TV preset, works great. However I would like to trim the beginning and end rid of the no use stuff, pointless having them, just to save that little bit extra. Is there an app to do this?...

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How to trim videos on Windows and Mac

"Which is the best software for trimming videos? I want to remove certain parts of videos, leaving the rest unaffected" To trim unwanted parts of videos, you'd better get a professional video trimmer. Here, you can turn to Wondershare Video Editor, which...

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