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Posts with #merge-join video category

How to combine different videos into one

"Is it possible to combine like 2 or 3 different videos into one whole video on my iPhone, or other devices? If not, is there an app I can get to combine them? Thanks!" To combine videos of different formats into one file, you need to get a professional...

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How to merge/combine/join videos

"How to merge multiple video files into one video without converting them? I do not want to convert the videos and merge the output because it takes a lot of time and quality of the final video is reduced(even after tweaking conversion settings and setting...

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How to combine MP4 videos into one

"How to combine MP4 videos into one? I took many short clips with my iPhone. I am looking to combine all of them into one video so that I don't have to upload the bits separately onto YouTube." Sometimes you may need to merge MP4 files that are either...

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