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How to import Canon MOV files to Sony Vegas

"I have a canon camera and I'm trying to import my video to my movie studio. My video is a MOV file and it said to download quicktime. Which I did. And it still doesn't work. Apparently from what I've read I have the wrong codec? What does that mean and I how do I fix it so I can upload my video?"

Canon camcorder is one of the most popular camcorder brands that are widely used for taking picutres or shooting videos. Most Canon camcorders shoot videos in HD video in either AVCHD or MOV and other video formats.

There are many Canon camcorders that are shooting videos in HD MOV format such as Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Canon EOS 600D, Canon EOS 650, Canon EOS 700D, Canon G1X etc. However, Canon MOV files may not be imorted to Sony Vegas for editing.

To import Canon MOV to Son Vegas for editing, you need to convert Canon MOV files to Sony Vegas compatible files. Here, you can turn to Canon MOV to Sony Vegas Converter which can convert Canon MOV files, Nikon MOV files, Kodak MOV files and other MOV files to Sony Vegas 08/09/10/11supported videos.

Step by step to convert Canon MOV to Sony Vegas for editing

Step 1: Import Canon MOV files

Click “Add Video” to load your desired MOV files into Canon MOV Sony Vegas Converter

How to import Canon MOV files to Sony Vegas

Step 2: Select output format and directory

Select “Format” pull down list to select AVI, WMV or MPG as output format. And then, click the small triangle to choose a path to save your converted files.

Step 3: Convert Canon MOV files

Click “Convert” to convert MOV files to AVI, WMV,MPG for editing in Sony Vegas

Aftere converting Canon MOV to AVI, WMV or MPG, you can free transfer Canon MOV to Sony Vegas for free editing.

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