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Create DVD from AVI using Windows DVD Maker

“I’m having trouble creating a DVD from AVI files using Windows DVD Maker, When I try and Import an AVI clip into DVD Maker I get a message pop up that says file type is unsupported or corrupt, it does this for all my AVI files.

My ultimate aim is just to get my AVI movie files onto DVD (for playback on a standalone player) so do not necessarily need to use DVD Maker just thought it would be easier using a built in Microsoft app, but if anyone has any other suggestions of apps.I would be more than grateful."

This is a problem that I encountered from a forum, and I also notices that there are many replies about it, most of which say it is may be codec problem, because Windows DVD Maker can work with AVI files. As AVI is a container format that may contain different codec.

"After reading this i tried burning my avi files using Windows DVD Maker, and damn it, i have no problems at all, why do you guys have all the fun. No problems with Xvid and mpg and wmv either? I havent added any codecs to the vanilla instal of Vista with SP1 32bit except installing the Xvid codec"

This is one of the answers in the forum, maybe AVI video with Xvid codec will help you easy import AVI to Windows DVD Maker for DVD making. I am not sure, but you can try. However, if installing Xvid codec can still solve the problem, then you can turn to a Video Converter to convert AVI to more stable WMV format.

Lucky, you can always find a Video Converter to help you fast and best convert AVI to Windows DVD Maker compatible WMV files for free DVD burning. Besides, it can also other videos such as MOV, MP4, FLV, 3GP, ASF, VOB, MKV, RM, AVCHD, MTS, MOD, TOD, MXF, XAVC, Tivo etc to Windows DVD Maker workable videos.

Tips: If you need to burn AVI to DVD with iDVD on Mac, you can turn to Video Converter for Mac.

Easy steps to burn AVI to DVD with Windows DVD Maker

Step 1: Load AVI files

Click "Add Files" button to let you import your AVI files. Or directly drag the AVI files you want from your Windows computer

Create DVD from AVI using Windows DVD Maker

Step 2: Choose WMV as the output format

Windows DVD Maker works with WMV pefectly. So, you can convert files to WMV for DVD buring in Windows DVD Maker. Go to the "Output Format" pane on the right side, hit the format image there, and then go to"Format">"Video">"WMV" in the pop-up output format window.

Create DVD from AVI using Windows DVD Maker

Step 3: Convert AVI to Windows DVD Maker

Click "Convert" button in the bottom-right side of the interface. When the video conversion is done after a few minutes, you can open the output folder to find the converted files and then import them to Windows DVD Maker to create your DVDs.

Tips: You can also burn AVI and other popular videos to DVD directly using a DVD Creator, Mac users can turn DVD Creator for Mac to burn video to DVD on Mac.

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